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I keep getting annoyed with new Oklahoma legislature.  It’s usually incredibly backwards…but what can you expect from one of the most conservative states in the union.  The latest disgrace is HB 1895 which is going before the House of Reps on Feb 4th, 2013.  It is proposing to cut all funding to the Oklahoma Arts Council to save a measly $4 million dollars of a $6.8 billion dollar budget.

How do I fight back?  The only way a graphic artist can; infographs.  I’ve whipped up two that I think illustrate just how little money we’re talking about to run the OAC for a full year.  I encourage you, if you agree, to take these bad boys and put them everywhere. Contact your rep and tell him/her to vote against this pile of crap. Also, here is the official Arts Council’s response to the bill.