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Hello, True Believers!  I wanted to let you know I’ve posted some new drawings over on the Illustration page.  I’ve been bad about updating this site with new drawings but hopefully I’ll be better about it in the coming months.

The above image is a creature mentioned in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the Whangdoodle.  He’s known for eating 10 Oompa Loompa for breakfast and thinking nothing of it.


You lucky people!  This is probably my favorite Walter the Bored strip I’ve done yet because it’s about as close to a Space Tickles/Walter mash-up as I can get.  I’d like to start producing these more regularly but class is starting soon so free time will be at a minimum.  Thanks again, as always, to Seth Joseph for his funny/random ideas.  If you’d like to guest-write a Walter strip, drop me a line and I might make it happen (no promises.)  I hope you enjoy!

CERN Labs recently released findings of neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light.  If this is proven to be true, we’re going to have to rethink/throw out some popular theories of physics…so I’m told.

The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) is bus-sized satellite that was launched in 1991 to study the hole in the Ozone layer.  It’s scheduled to reenter the atmosphere on Friday Sept. 23…

UPDATE after the jump on NEW READERS!
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Recently, NASA released it’s much delayed and anticipated rocket design that will be replacing the Constellation program.  The new design is called the SLS (Space Launch System.)  Without a doubt, this is the worst named rocket in NASA history!  It couldn’t be more literal or boring!  Hit the jump for an artist’s rendition of NASA’s new SLS.

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Read about whatever the hell a Super-Earth is and why I’m talking about one after the jump Read More »

GRAIL Satellites…smart.  More on the strip and mission after the jump:

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…this comic seems like a negative critique of NASA’s new photos, but I actually think they’re pretty darn cool.  Check one of them out after the jump.
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NASA gave Expidition 28 Labor Day off…I imagine this is how they spent their time.

This is a comic commenting on reactions to new transportation technology throughout history.  Read all the what’s and why’s for this strip after the jump.

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