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Yep.  Enjoy.


You lucky dogs.  Here’s another space drawing.  I’m still working on a “working-man-in-space” story that may or may not see the light of day…I have to come up with a “story” first.  Nothing like a good cup of joe after months of chasing asteroids, amiright?!


Sorry folks.  Been a little busy the last 3 days with feeling sick and planning a get together for my girlfriends’ birthday.  HOWEVER, in leu of me posting new work today, I’m linking to two really really interesting video/animations about Dark Matter and the Higgs Boson.  They’re very well done and super informative, ESPECIALLY if you think Physicists have nothing left to do these days.  Also, these videos illustrate just how STUPID we were as Americans to let the center of particle physics move to Europe.
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He’s the sexiest astrophysicist alive…what else can I say?  UPDATE after the jump!

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If you don’t know about the asteroid mining company that James Cameron and other bazillionaires are announcing on April 24th, you’re not my true friend.  If you’re not busy today, tune in at 12:30 Central to this website to watch a live streaming of the press conference for Planetary Resources.  Oh, and you heard me right, it’s a FREAKING ASTEROID MINING COMPANY!!!  Here’s an article from ABC News on the story.  Also, I’ve drawn some images of James Cameron riding an asteroid pronouncing yet again that he is king of the world.  I’ve posted two because I couldn’t decide which I liked better.

Another idea for a father son story.  Drawing kids is hard.  You think it’s just drawing adults only smaller, but it’s more complex than that.

Practicing some character design drawings.  This is supposed to be a future-y fix-it man, staying with the theme of the “working man in space.”


This is apparently Kevin from the British Office telling Bret from Flight of the Conchords he likes his glasses…I don’t know why…

Another day, another space drawing.  Not really pushing myself to hard on these, just drawing things I enjoy.

Well, I’m sure a few of you noticed I didn’t have a drawing posted for the 18th…that’s because I didn’t do one.  It was bound to happen.  I’m only human.  I did actually sketch on the bus but it was dumb so I won’t waste your time.  Tonight’s image, however, will be epic*!!


*image may not actually be epic.