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I made this “A League of Their Own” gif because it needs to exist:

Marla Hooch



Pretty excited to launch a new portfolio site!  Go check it!


Superman Interveiw

I’d like to thank my creative team for their help with this strip:

Idea by: Derek Smith

Story Consultant: Seth Joseph

Composition Consultant: Kevin Peterson

Moral Support: Trisha O’Donoghue

We should all take a silent moment today for the lives lost ten years ago.  We need to put forth the compassionate effort to make events like these a thing of the past so their lives weren’t lost in vain.


…and I apologize.  It’s really BradChad Porter‘s fault but I won’t get into that here.

It feels good to be back, now it’s time to write some blogs.  I got some stuff in the works so get ready.

Hey you’s guys!  For starters, if I ever get anything rolling I usually do something that brings it to a screeching halt.  With that said, I’m currently in OKC working on a bunch of stuff and probably won’t write a new blog until next Weds (lame).  I know, right?  I promise you though, it will be a good one.

But until then I’ll leave you with a little comment Brian M. made about the recent Dave Letterman situation:

“Keep it in your World Wide Pants”

Pretty clever Brian, pretty clever.  So until next week….