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I didn’t know this happened and I wish it happened more often.  I stumbled onto a Weezer cover of Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People.  At first I thought “Wha?”  But it was actually pretty cool seeing Weezer cover a contemporary song that they clearly really appreciate.  WHAT’S EVEN COOLER is Foster the People returned the favor and covered one of Weezer’s classics Say it Aint So.  Hit the jump for both embedded videos:

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Sorry for the lack of Space Tickles comics this past week, I’ve been distracted.  There’s one coming, don’t you worry.

One of my distractions has been starting school again.  That’s right, I’m taking an illustration class!  Time to LEVEL UP!!  I haven’t taken a class since college (4 years ago) and I’m excited to get back into a scholastic rhythm.

Hit the jump for a bunch of rhetorical questions I’m trying to answer and see a picture of my “notes” from class:

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I just got done watching American: The Bill Hicks Story and I think every American/person should watch it because it’s full of truths that are too commonly ignored.  It’s also an excellent look into the life of one of America’s greatest stand-up comedians.

After the break I posted a quote from Bill as well as video’s of David Letterman apologizing for cutting Bill’s last performance on his show.  Letterman also had on Bill’s mom who was amazing and adorable, and plays the never before seen footage.  Check it:
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What does this mean?  Let me explain:

On a slow day at work the topic of childhood movies came up.  I brought up a great stint of kid-empowering films from the mid 90’s that made me fear and respect my parents.  I was shocked at what my co-workers had not seen!!  My first reaction was “You guys got to see these movies” but then I realized they might all be crap.  I mean, I loved them as a 12 year old but who knows if they’ve held up over time (probably not.)

I’ve taken it upon my self to review these films to see if they are worth my colleagues’ precious down time.  Now you won’t find classics on this list like The Sandlot, Hook, or Mighty Ducks.  This is going to be the junk I haven’t seen in 15 years.

My structure will be this;  I will write a PRE and a POST review.  The PRE review will cover my memory of the film and why I loved it as a kid.  My POST review will hopefully take in my refined adult sensibilities.

The first movie up is Blank Check.  Watch the trailer here:

DO NOT BE ALARMED!!  I have changed the look of my blog because I was bored with the other one.  I think it looks sharp!  What do you think?

Also I’ve added a new page just for Comics.  ALSO also, I’ve added a new Walter the Bored strip!

I’m probably going to add a hand drawn version of this strip in a day or two so get excited for that.  Have a nice day!

Conan O’Brien has posted a listing on Craigslist for the Tonight Show.  True story.  Here’s the link.

I thought I’d be awfully clever and send an e-mail making an offer on the show.  Here is that e-mail:


“SUBJECT: I want the SHOW!

To be honest, the only reason I want to buy the Tonight Show is so I can give it to Conan and watch him host it for the next few decades….and so I can make guest appearances to promote my video arcade, Noah’s Arcade

I will give you $5,000.  I do my own ads.

Noah Vanderhof”


It’s true!  I’m almost back to 100%…computer wise.  I’m over the flu if that’s what you thought I meant.  My tech issues will hopefully be worked out this week.  When I finally get my laptop back it’ll be time for bloggin, drawin, and writin again.  I appreciate everyone’s patience while I figure out how to do all this crap.  Thank you for the nice comments, and thanks for letting me practice writing in front of you!

For S & G’s

Here is an amazing thing I missed out on but will hopefully get to be apart of the next one.  Star Wars Episode 4 was entirely remade by fans in 15 second bursts. Check it out: