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That’s right, I haven’t given up on a project and it’s been more than a month!!  I’m still writing and designing for the time being.  It might be a while before you see a finished strip, but I thought I’d give you a taste.

There is some talk of making the comic a “motion/animated” comic.  This might be more trouble than it’s worth.  We’ll see how some preliminary tests work out.  I’ll keep you posted.

Don’t forget to keep checking out Podcasts Dont Suck-Chicago.  There’s a new show every Wednesday!


Now that my sister’s wedding is over and my schedule is starting to solidify I can start doing some blogs again, right?  Don’t get your hopes up, but I do miss it.

For the time being, I’ll probably keep this blog updated with new work (drawings, videos, ect), and post cool links and articles I read on my facebook page.  Why?  Because it’s easier.

With that said, here are some new drawings I’ve done for a comic I’m hoping to produce.  It’s about aliens and stuff because that’s all I care about.  The main character looks like BradChad Porter on purpose…mainly because I’m in love with him.  I’m thinking about launching a website for it as soon as I write/draw something I don’t hate.  For more info check back soon.

Also, here is a link to Derek Smith and I’s new podcast called PODCAST DONT SUCK-CHICAGO. It’s about living in Chicago, Stand-Up comedy, and science.  This week’s guest is Mr. BradChad Porter…the guy I mentioned earlier.

Check it out:      Podcasts Don't Suck - Podcasts Don't Suck - Podcasts Don't Suck

Derek and I finally recorded a podcast.  Get excited.  The first episode has Derek and I catching everyone up on what we’ve been doing since the last podcast.

The show is going to have a new guest every week.

Check back every Wednesday for new episodes.

The easiest way to listen is on iTunes.  Search “Podcasts Don’t Suck” or just click this LINK.