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What does this mean?  Let me explain:

On a slow day at work the topic of childhood movies came up.  I brought up a great stint of kid-empowering films from the mid 90’s that made me fear and respect my parents.  I was shocked at what my co-workers had not seen!!  My first reaction was “You guys got to see these movies” but then I realized they might all be crap.  I mean, I loved them as a 12 year old but who knows if they’ve held up over time (probably not.)

I’ve taken it upon my self to review these films to see if they are worth my colleagues’ precious down time.  Now you won’t find classics on this list like The Sandlot, Hook, or Mighty Ducks.  This is going to be the junk I haven’t seen in 15 years.

My structure will be this;  I will write a PRE and a POST review.  The PRE review will cover my memory of the film and why I loved it as a kid.  My POST review will hopefully take in my refined adult sensibilities.

The first movie up is Blank Check.  Watch the trailer here:


I made an entry in the kick-a project called Star Wars Uncut.  I had a great time practicing flash animation in front of the world.  Apparently other people thought it was pretty kick-a too because it won an Emmy in a new Interactive Media category!!  The New York Times wrote an article about it HERE.

I can’t thank Casey Pugh enough for putting this all together.  I can’t wait for the next project!  Maybe next time I’ll make an animation that doesn’t suck!  Speaking of which, the number of views and “likes” helps my clip to get viewed when people watch the movie on autoplay….so  watch my clip HERE (it takes a second to load)!

Star Wars Uncut is finally finished and my clip made it in!  If you want to see it, it’s under the animations tab.  Casey Pugh posted a five minute clip that gives you a taste of what the film is going to be like at  Derek thinks it’s going to cause seizures.  I think it looks great.  I will say, it’s only for the hard core fans.  Here’s another article about it over at!

There was a screening last night in New York.  I hope it comes to Chicago soon!

This is an e-mail I sent to what is hopefully a representative of the newly announced director of Spider-Man 4, Marc Webb.

“I believe you represent Marc Webb so I was hoping you could pass this e-mail along to him.

It wasn’t as well known, but I too was going for the director job on Spider-Man 4.  I have no hard feelings that Marc got it, in fact I’m excited to see what he does with the project.

Here is the e-mail l sent to the Sony HR department asking for the job.  I thought Marc might like to read it as well.  Tell him he can use any of my ideas if he’d like and I’m still available to work on the film in some fashion.”

And then I attached the letter to Sony….who never wrote me back…


I’m still working on the exclusive Spider-Man comic that I’m going to send to everyone who joined this facebook group.  It’s not too late to join…even if Marc has the job now, you can still join to get the comic.

It was recently divulged that Sam Raimi quit Spider-Man 4.  This led to an announcement by Sony saying they are throwing out Spider-Man 4 and rebooting the franchise with a whole new direction.  However, Sony has yet to choose a new director for this project.  What follows is the letter I wrote to the Sony Entertainment HR department asking for the job:
“To Sony Human Resources Department,

I am applying for the vacant director position on the next Spider-Man film.

I am 24 years old.  I have been reading Spider-Man comics since I was nine.  I know everything there is to know about all the characters in the Spider-Man universe ever.

I’ve had plenty of practice telling Spider-Man stories using action figures and stop-motion “special effects.”  All my friends agree, they say “Hey Dan, you should totally make the next Spider-Man movie.”  And I’m like “No duh.”  Also, I’m working part time at the Office Depot and I’m looking for more work to supplement my income.
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