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If you didn’t hear about it, Venus passed in front of the Sun yesterday..and it was awesome.  Don’t worry though, it’ll do it again in 2117 so you can just catch it then.  The image above was captured by NASA SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory), a satellite orbiting the sun.  Here’s a link to a bunch more fantastic images.

The Adler Planetarium did a big event for the Transit, setting up dozens of telescopes and hosting live feeds from NASA TV.  Around 5000 people showed up making it the most popular event they’ve hosted since 2003!  Hit the jump for a few images  from my Adler experience.

Here’s a shot of the crowd waiting in line for the telescopes, peering at the Sun through little paper sunglasses.  Adler ran out of these little shades well before I arrived.

Here is everyone staring at a not-so-great image of Venus and the Sun.  The silly thing is there were hundreds of people (including myself) queued up to watch NASA TV, a channel that is freely available on-line and cable.  There were presenters to answer questions about the event.  I posed a question that was quickly shot down…

…and as quickly as it started the event was prematurely cut short by the Chicago Skyline, never to be seen again for 100 years.  Again, if you missed it you’re dumb.  Now if you’ll excuse me,  Netflix is streaming Lost in Translation and I must go watch it another dozen times.


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