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Monthly Archives: May 2012

It’s another Spacesuit drawing.  I’m still hammering out details for a comic so in the meantime I figured I’d do some character design work.

BTW, congrats to SpaceX and NASA for having a successful docking of the Dragon capsule to the ISS!!  Now let’s hope for a flawless reentry and splash down on May 31st.  GO DRAGON GO!


The current Administrator of NASA, Charles Bolden uttered the most badass phrase in the history of space today: “Godspeed Dragon.”

What the who is Dragon?! It’s an unmanned space capsule designed, built, and launched by SpaceX atop their in-house Falcon 9 rocket.  Eventually the capsule will hold up to 7 crew members.  The brainchild company of Elon Musk is hoping to become the first private enterprise to visit the International Space Station.  Today this company took a giant leap in that direction with another successful launch of the Falcon 9 rocket, which has suffered delays recently do to software and hardware issues.  More on this after the jump: Read More »

I may be putting together a comic this weekend.  Who knows.

Yep.  Enjoy.

You lucky dogs.  Here’s another space drawing.  I’m still working on a “working-man-in-space” story that may or may not see the light of day…I have to come up with a “story” first.  Nothing like a good cup of joe after months of chasing asteroids, amiright?!