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Monthly Archives: September 2011

CERN Labs recently released findings of neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light.  If this is proven to be true, we’re going to have to rethink/throw out some popular theories of physics…so I’m told.


The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) is bus-sized satellite that was launched in 1991 to study the hole in the Ozone layer.  It’s scheduled to reenter the atmosphere on Friday Sept. 23…

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Recently, NASA released it’s much delayed and anticipated rocket design that will be replacing the Constellation program.  The new design is called the SLS (Space Launch System.)  Without a doubt, this is the worst named rocket in NASA history!  It couldn’t be more literal or boring!  Hit the jump for an artist’s rendition of NASA’s new SLS.

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Read about whatever the hell a Super-Earth is and why I’m talking about one after the jump Read More »

We should all take a silent moment today for the lives lost ten years ago.  We need to put forth the compassionate effort to make events like these a thing of the past so their lives weren’t lost in vain.


GRAIL Satellites…smart.  More on the strip and mission after the jump:

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…this comic seems like a negative critique of NASA’s new photos, but I actually think they’re pretty darn cool.  Check one of them out after the jump.
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NASA gave Expidition 28 Labor Day off…I imagine this is how they spent their time.

This is a comic commenting on reactions to new transportation technology throughout history.  Read all the what’s and why’s for this strip after the jump.

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