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Monthly Archives: November 2010

What does this mean?  Let me explain:

On a slow day at work the topic of childhood movies came up.  I brought up a great stint of kid-empowering films from the mid 90’s that made me fear and respect my parents.  I was shocked at what my co-workers had not seen!!  My first reaction was “You guys got to see these movies” but then I realized they might all be crap.  I mean, I loved them as a 12 year old but who knows if they’ve held up over time (probably not.)

I’ve taken it upon my self to review these films to see if they are worth my colleagues’ precious down time.  Now you won’t find classics on this list like The Sandlot, Hook, or Mighty Ducks.  This is going to be the junk I haven’t seen in 15 years.

My structure will be this;  I will write a PRE and a POST review.  The PRE review will cover my memory of the film and why I loved it as a kid.  My POST review will hopefully take in my refined adult sensibilities.

The first movie up is Blank Check.  Watch the trailer here:


I’m still experimenting with the style of the strip so bear with me.  I still think it’s funny though.  This is the second strip in the Cheryl two parter.  Thanks to Seth Joseph for his funny ideas.  Seth and I have actually written the next several strips so hopefully they will come out a little more regularly…no promises though.