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Monthly Archives: August 2010

At the beginning of the month I applied to the Museum of Science and Industry’s Month at the Museum competition.  Basically people from around the world were competing to live in the MSI for a full month and do everything the museum had to offer…oh, and did I mention you get a productin suite including a new laptop and camera plus $10,000!!

If you’re interested you can watch the video portion of my entry here.  Don’t worry, I lost, but I thought some people might get a kick out of reading the letter they sent me telling me I lost.  I thought it was a bit much, but still appreciated.

Read the letter after the jump: Read More »


DO NOT BE ALARMED!!  I have changed the look of my blog because I was bored with the other one.  I think it looks sharp!  What do you think?

Also I’ve added a new page just for Comics.  ALSO also, I’ve added a new Walter the Bored strip!

I’m probably going to add a hand drawn version of this strip in a day or two so get excited for that.  Have a nice day!

I made an entry in the kick-a project called Star Wars Uncut.  I had a great time practicing flash animation in front of the world.  Apparently other people thought it was pretty kick-a too because it won an Emmy in a new Interactive Media category!!  The New York Times wrote an article about it HERE.

I can’t thank Casey Pugh enough for putting this all together.  I can’t wait for the next project!  Maybe next time I’ll make an animation that doesn’t suck!  Speaking of which, the number of views and “likes” helps my clip to get viewed when people watch the movie on autoplay….so  watch my clip HERE (it takes a second to load)!