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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Apparently I’m not very good at it. I kept on top of this thing for a couple of weeks but now, as with most things, I’ve started to focus on other interests. That’s one of my main problems in life. Every two weeks I have a new life goal. A month ago it was to be a ground breaking blogger that gave insight into the 20’s male living in a modern city. Now, all I want is a job…but who doesn’t, right?

Actually, I’ve been distracted by I was given a month long trial where I’ve been doing as many tutorials as possible to sharpen my “skills.”  Lynda is a site full of incredible video tutorials that make learning any software you can think of a piece of cake.  If you’re looking to become master of Photoshop, Powerpoint, or even Ebay, Lynda is the place to do it.

My new (week-long) life goal is to become an animator.  This is actually something I’ve wanted to do on and off since the first grade.  Right now I’m learning Flash and making little animations as I go.  The first “complex” animation I’ve made with Flash is for Star Wars Uncut; which is basically a fan project where Episode 4 has been broken up into 15 second clips and fans are remaking it one clip at a time.  Here are my 15 seconds of Star Wars fame:

and here’s the side-by-side with the original clip:


It’s snowing now…get excited.  The old (because they’re gray) squirrels look prepared because they look fatter.  I don’t know if they’ve put on holiday weight or got new coats for the winter but either way, it’s weird.