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Monthly Archives: October 2009

It’s true!  I’m almost back to 100%…computer wise.  I’m over the flu if that’s what you thought I meant.  My tech issues will hopefully be worked out this week.  When I finally get my laptop back it’ll be time for bloggin, drawin, and writin again.  I appreciate everyone’s patience while I figure out how to do all this crap.  Thank you for the nice comments, and thanks for letting me practice writing in front of you!

For S & G’s

Here is an amazing thing I missed out on but will hopefully get to be apart of the next one.  Star Wars Episode 4 was entirely remade by fans in 15 second bursts. Check it out:


I’ve been sick as a dog so I’m coming back slow…please forgive my tardiness…

I know you’re all curious to hear my thoughts about NASA bombing the moon a couple Fridays ago, so here you go: it was pretty weak.  Everyone made a big deal about it, you could barely see anything, and they found next to nothing in the dust cloud.  What a waste.  And to think I almost woke up at 4 am to try and watch the damn thing.  If you want to read about a BADASS Moon mission read about the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter).  That thing’s the shit!  You should also watch MoonBase V!


  1. Having the Flu.
  2. The Jeff Dunham TV Show.
  3. Girls Gone Wild on Blu-ray.

Hey you’s guys!  For starters, if I ever get anything rolling I usually do something that brings it to a screeching halt.  With that said, I’m currently in OKC working on a bunch of stuff and probably won’t write a new blog until next Weds (lame).  I know, right?  I promise you though, it will be a good one.

But until then I’ll leave you with a little comment Brian M. made about the recent Dave Letterman situation:

“Keep it in your World Wide Pants”

Pretty clever Brian, pretty clever.  So until next week….

E-ink is probably the coolest thing I’ve read about….all day.  Basically e ink is little capsules filled with white and black ink that reacts to positive and negative charges.  When the charge is negative you get white, and when it’s positive you get black…basically.  This has been most famously used in the Amazon Kindle books, but they’ve got other ideas for it like tattoos and watches.  It can also be “printed” on flexible things like magazines and t-shirts.

The coolest thing I’ve seen this applied to is a keypad on a phone.  Depending on what mode you’re in the keypad is either numbers or letters.  It eliminates the need to print a whole bunch of crap on each button…which is awesome!  I know what you Iphoners are thinking “Dan, my phone doesn’t have a keypad so how does this affect me?”  It doesn’t, you wiener, now go back to updating your faceboook status and “bumping” information to each other.  I like keypads, so sue me.  Alright, nerd time is over, let’s talk about how obnoxious Chicago drivers are:


What is the deal with the horns guys?!  Seriously, it loses it’s meaning if you use it all the damn time!  I don’t get it, as soon as the light turns green, someone lays on their horn.  It’s like their hand is hovering over the damn thing, quivering like an itchy trigger finger.  Maybe it’s because of my Oklahoma licence plate but trust me, I still know that green means go!  Jesus…I preferred it when everyone was texting and not paying attention to the road.

Chicago didn’t get the Olympics.  They even had Obama’s help and he’s the biggest celebrity in the world, and yet the committee went “Pass!”  What I’m wondering is what they’re going to do with the thousands of banners, like the one posted above, that are EVERYWHERE in this city?  I’m thinking blankets for the homeless.  That way somebody wins.


Well, all my Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator) quit working on me last night.  I was up till 5 am this morning trying to get them working again.  Has anyone ever had a License just up and stop working for them? NO!  It’s stupid as HELL!!  I’ve loved Adobe products for years, why do they have to make me hate them now?!  As you can see, I’m a little frustrated.


I don’t really want to talk too much about the recent death at a Southside public school because this is supposed to be a light hearted blog, but I recently found a statistic that was startling.  Last year 37 kids were murdered at Chicago public schools, making it the most deadly city to go to school.  This year, after only four weeks, three students have already been murdered.  I’ve wondered what it’d be like to raise kids in Chicago…now I don’t think I want to know.


Did you know you can have Barack come to your party for a low low price?